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Election and Primary Runoff Information from Secretary of S 7B58

 Election and Primary Departure Information from Foreign Minister S

JACKSON, Miss. The Minister's Office of Delbert Hosemann has issued the following information describing what happens now that the primary choice is over and what happens if an outflow choice is required. Process for attesting election results in a party Primary: All primary elections in the state of Mississippi are run by the respective state parties. State legislation requires the delivery of certified election results to the State Party Executive Committee in the Democratic and Republican Parties. The participating State Executive Committees compile the certified results from each county and certify their election results. Mississippi Secretary of State Office does not certify the results of a primary election. The certification is carried out by the participating State Executive Committees. The State Executive Committees have ten (10) days from the date of the election (June 13, 2014) to submit certified results to the Secretary of State Office. The ministerial office accepts the certified results of the State Executive Committee on behalf of the state of Mississippi. (. Miss Code Ann 23 15 599) after the election Deadlines :. June 10, 2014: Deadline for voters who do not present acceptable image credentials to the 2014 Primary Election, who had to cast a statement vote, to submit acceptable image credentials to the Circuit Clerk office for their ballot papers must be counted. (MS Const. 249 A (2) (c)). June 13, 2014: Deadline for the participating State Executive Committee to submit certified results to the Secretary of State Office. (. Miss Code Ann 23 15 599) after the election Comments :. The minister's office does not have the number of affidavit polls cast or certified election results in 2014 Primary Election. To determine the number of affidavit polls cast in the election, please contact each county. . State legislation requires that the count of absentee polls to be performed in the district at night of the election. Missing polls should not be included after election day. Only ballot papers Salomon Boots Tactical must be counted after the election. (. Miss Code Ann 23 15 639) If there is Ray Ban Aviator Reading Glasses a Primary Outflow Options :. 2014 Primary Departure Options will be held on June 24, 2014 (First Code Ann 23 15 305). Voting is open from 7:00 to 7:00. . Citizens must be registered for June 3, 2014 Primary Election to be entitled to vote in June 24, 2014 Primary Exit Options. . If a eligible voter has not participated in the June 3 Primary Choice, the elector may neither vote for the Democratic or Republican Primary Run. . The state of Mississippi does not allow 'crossover' vote. Meaning if a voter cast a vote in the Democratic Primary, he / she must cast a vote in the Democratic Primary runoff. If a voter cast a vote in the Republican Primary, he / she must cast a vote in the Republican Primary runoff. (Miss. Code Ann 23 15 575). Uniform and overseas polls have been submitted in accordance with state and federal legislation.


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